Nowadays, the shipping industry in Cyprus is considered to be as one of the most dynamic sectors in the national economy, which employs a highly - educated and well - reimbursed workforce that requires the existence of highly educated and skilled engineers and other relevant professionals. As mentioned above, in a country like Cyprus, where the Shipping Industry acts as a driving force for the economy, an association of this nature is vital in order to support, inform and consult professionals within the industry.

Our Association, finds that growth in Cyprus Shipbuilding Science and Marine Technology in general, lags both in relation to the development of the wider maritime sector and the enhanced position of Cyprus in international shipping. We think there are opportunities and conditions to develop to that extent the Naval Science, for the benefit of shipping and the economy in general.

In this context, the Association has set the following primary objectives:

  1. Facilitators to the creation of an independent Naval Architects and Marine Engineers segment in the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK), in order to institutionalize this important engineering sector.
  2. Support the creation of department(s) for Marine Technology (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) at Cyprus Universities.
  3. Promoting the idea for establishing ship repair facilities in Cyprus, with high quality, efficiency and reliability; something that is missing from the Eastern Mediterranean region.
  4. Provide opportunities for continuous professional development to the members of the Association through the organization of academic and professional seminars and training's.
  5. Support the Government’s effort to strengthen the local Shipping Industry and to promote Cyprus as a maritime hub in the region and internationally.